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Civic Engagement
Although most of my interest in public policy has been either through
employment or through writing, I recognize the importance of the larger civic
society in
making things happen on the ground.

My largest current civic involvement is around the development of sensible gun policy in Illinois. I
am on the board of the Gun Violence Prevention PAC and am the secretary-treasurer of the
Gun Violence Prevention Education Center.

I remain involved with Protect Our Care-Illinois, a coalition of organizations and individuals
working to protect the advances of the ACA in the face of opposition f
rom various interest
groups and, where possible, expand those advances.

Previously, I served on the board of Planned Parenthood Illinois and the Metropolitan
Information Center.

I also teach in the Honors College at the University of Illinois-Chic
ago and periodically lecture at
C (Health Administration and Medical School) and University of Chicago (Graduate Program
of Health Administration and Policy).