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You Must Choose Now—A Journey
Through the Sixties

This is my story of the Sixties. The Sixties were a pivot
time in American history and this book tracks how, at
least for me and my friends, external events drove
choices that led us to a different view of the world than
our parents—and, as it turns out, than a substantial
portion of the American population.

Mostly my personal journey but
also my perspective on
why we did what we did and how things turned out the
way they did for many of us
, most of whom were not the
ones on the cover of magazines.

Anyone who grew up in the Sixties will recognize the
times, perhaps with nostalgia, perhaps with distaste.  
Anyone who wondered how the world got turned upside
down in those years will get a view of how, one choice at
a time, the divisions in American society got redrawn.    

Book is available in paperback and e-vers
ions through
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